Saturday, September 21

posted by Charleen at 2:35 PM

Finally got a chance to weave. Got 10-12" done on the white-on-white false damask towels. I'll try to do a little more before I leave to chaperone the dance tonight. My cold/allergy stuff is getting better, though I guess it's good that my ears are still clogged considering the noise level of the dance.

I did get to knit a little on the Wee Bigger Aran and the Baby Wallaby.

I made a fast wrist distaff for me following Elaine's instructions. I just used plain Michael's beads for this first one. I'll use better beads and a more elaborate braid for the exchange, but I had to get one made quickly. Kate volunteered SpindleRose to help me get over my spindle clumsiness when we take our stash-reduction class at Countrywool next week. I'm really getting excited to go. I'm picking out books on tape - I've got over a four hour drive each way, and I'll be ALL BY MYSELF. Can't seem to stop grinning about that. I need to start making a list of everything I'm taking. I've been thinking about it for such a long time but I'm afraid I'll forget something. Oh, yeah, I guess I have to pack clothes too, but with the amount of fiber I'll be taking I can just wrap up in that if it gets too cold!

Off for a little more weaving and then it's time to get my freak on, oh that's right, I'm the CHAPERONE <g>

Tuesday, September 17

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One crazy thing after another has been plaguing my weaving. I think it's because I haven't been able to devote much time to it since school started. I had this thing where it looked like I had two sheds! Then I realized that the first harness had the right side stuck halfway up. Turned out that a unused heddle had fallen off the harness at some point and worked it's way under one of the wires on the side until it was completely wedged in (why did that just sound like I was talking to my mechanic?). Got that taken care of and started on my second false damask towel. I'm keeping this white (the warp is natural) and then I have enough warp for one more. With that I'll try a color.

I'm trying to plan my next warp. I have a few different treadlings of broken twill set up on Winweave, but I really didn't want to bother with a floating selvedge. I ordered a bunch of back Handwovens and was looking through them last weekend. The Sept/Oct 2001 issue had an article by Sarah Saulson explaining how to thread a plain weave selvedge when you're doing twill. After playing around on Winweave for a while I figured out how to do it. I'll probably do a few towels to try it out and then I think I'm ready for another blanket. My kids are all whining for a blanket and I figure this will buy me a little time before they start up on the quilts again. Of course, I remind them that if they didn't either live here or store most of their stuff here, that I could set up the quilting frame <g>. I guess that's the price you pay for having adult (semi-adult?) kids who appreciate your work.

Monday, September 16

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My Wall of Shame

Here is my contribution to the UFO list. I was going to add the spinning to do, spinning done (but not knitted), etc. but I just got TOO tired thinking about it.

It was actually good to see some of these things. I've realized that some of them have to ripped, that I wouldn't wear the sweater even if it was finished. This is by no means the entire list. I know I started a shawl and took it to school and there are things in drawers that just pop up every once in a while. But it's a good sample.

This is a cardigan from VK FW'84. A little dated and probably way too small! Close up of the ribbing. It's Indecita Alpaca in a cocoa color. But I'm thinking of how it would weave up. You may have seen this one before. From my handspun, I finished the back and I'm almost finished one front. This is about 5 years old. I don't know why because I only have the buttonhole band to do. It's a cabled yarn from Bendigo
Cotton boucle I bought from Cheryl Potter at Stitches about 5 years ago. I was thinking a short sleeved sweater. Here's the back. Green tweedy sock to match a sweater I made about 8 years ago. I just remembered I used the rest of the yarn on the throw I wove this summer. Oops! Sage green mohair. I only have one more sleeve to finish. I really like this one too, wonder why I can't seem to finish it? A cardigan I started out of Wool Ease that I thought would be good to keep at school. The pattern is Coup d'etat Cardigan from Peace Fleece. Only one more sleeve to go.
The lacy arrow sock from Spin Off's sock booklet. I'm using Zephyr silk and merino, don't know when I started it, but it has to be about 5 years ago. Pretty rose cotton, the yarn is Paton's Leila and I have about 3" of eyelet trim to attach to the armhole. I think I'm in no rush to finish, since I've not been pumping the iron too much lately! Counted cross stich on waste canvas. To commemorate my years in Michigan. The dirt on the collar is actually dust - I'm setting the age at 8 years. Yet another Wallaby for yet another grandchild at work. This time out of Encore.
Opal sock. It's actually almost ready for the heel, but it's at school, where I have not knit one stitch since I took it. This and 3 other cones were supposed to be the Ragna sweater from Elsebeth Lavold Viking Patterns. I'm thinking the Harrisville yarn would be good for weaving. (see the pattern here?) Regia sock. I'm just grafting the toe now. I'm hoping this will be my first finished pair in a few years. I started this Penny Straker pattern about 8years ago. I thought it would go rather quickly but I'm doing the back and both sides at one time and I never did it enough to get the pattern memorized. Again - weaving material, methinks.
Here's a close up of the Shetland cardigan. Even though I'll probably pull this out, I like the lace pattern. I bought four cones of Conshohocken Softball 2.2 many years ago from WEBS. Made this summer top, but I think it's too short, at least I think that's why it's still in the drawer. I was thrilled when I was able to find 3 of the cones. There is a black one hiding somewhere. WEAVING! This only needs a button band. You'd think it would be a great summer cardi, but it's acrylic, very soft, but it's probably nagging me that it won't be too comfortable. This got way bigger than I thought. Even did a gauge, so I'll be ripping this. It's from the Philadelphia Handweaver's Guild. They had a sheepshearing at the children's zoo and then sent the fleece to Bartlett to be dyed and spun. I've got tons in this color, raspberry, a light green, and natural



Sunday, September 9

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I guess the first days of school are crazy no matter how hard you try to plan in advance. I was able to do the blog circuit for the first time last night. I see Claudia has thrown down the gauntlet, but she doesn't know what's she's unleashed here. You better be holding on to your mouse when I get my list of UFO's up. But first - I have to collapse. This week is going to be strange, and I'm not really looking forward to the assembly they have planned for Wednesday. (Mainly because they haven't TOLD us what they have planned yet - and I am not a fan of the unexpected!) Then we have Open House on Thursday. I can yap my head off to high school students, but I become a stammering fool in front of parents. Wonder what I can do to embarass myself this year

Sunday, September 1

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I didn't get too much done as far as fiber is concerned - mostly worked on school work, but I was able to get a few inches on the false damask towels and thought I'd post a picture. The warp is 8/2 off white and the weft is 8/2 bright white.

after spreading the warp with a few rows of rust, two vinyl blind slats, and a few more rows of rust, I wove 10 shots of tabby, did a hemstitch across the beginning of the tabby and then started 1" block A, 1" block B, I'll do one more inch of each and then do block A for 24" and then finish up with the same as the beginning. That's the way the pattern is written, but I think I'll do the next with repeating block A and B for the entire towel, then I'll try a color in the weft.



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