June 17, 2003

Does it look different with bleached muslin?

I really thought I'd see a significant difference between the bleached and the unbleached muslin. I was expecting to see the bleached white material dye to a clearer, brighter shade. That's not what I found.

The fabric on the left side of each picture was unbleached muslin, the right was bleached muslin. I tried to use the same amounts of dye and left them in the bags for the same amount of time (about 24 hours). I think the unbleached side is a deeper, richer color. Of course, none of this was truly scientific, so it could change the next time.

7 more school days - then I can post pictures of my garden. Right now I can't find it smile.gif

Posted by Charleen at June 17, 2003 08:07 PM

I think the difference is less pronounced with the dustier colors. It can also really depend on your starting fabric - the unbleached I have is fairly rough-weave, while the bleached is a fine smooth fabric. They're all pretty no matter what you do to 'em, though!

Of course, I went and bought Setacolor paint for sun printing yesterday, and now it's raining, and I leave tomorrow. Harumph.

Posted by: KateW at June 18, 2003 09:47 AM

Actually, now that I look at the pop-ups, you're getting about what I'd expect. The unbleached color gradations give a sort of dimensional look, while the bleached gives something that looks marbled. They're very pretty!

Posted by: KateW at June 18, 2003 09:50 AM