July 04, 2003


I've always been fascinated by Sarah Swett's work. Zoom in on the details - just hover your mouse over the tapestry until the cursor changes to a finger pointing. How many frogs can you find? Why do I suddenly want to play Carole King?

Posted by Charleen at July 4, 2003 12:28 AM

I've got an expensive Mirrix tapestry loom, a warp on it, a WANTING to weave tapestry, and yet I never do it!? I'd like to unravel that mystery.

Sarah Swett's work is just fabulous. If I could do something half that nice, I would be so proud.

Posted by: claudia at July 5, 2003 11:57 AM

Hmmm, why do YOU think you don't weave a tapestry? (sorry, stuck in psychoanalytic mode) But you figure even Sarah Swett had to start at the beginning - mind you, I've not even started mine, only started THINKING about doing one :-)

Posted by: Charleen at July 5, 2003 11:28 PM