August 18, 2003

Playing Catch Up

I'm just about recovered from a killer sinus headache. We went to a wedding Saturday and there were these greens in the centerpiece that I could just tell were going to do a number on me. I'm not sure how it got through the Flonase and Clarinex, but I spent most of yesterday with heat packs on my face. I got a little spinning done last night while I watched Sex in the City, but that was about all the fiber production I did since I ran out of thread on my silk weaving on Friday.

Laura picked up another spool of thread for me on Saturday and back down I went today to finish it up. In case you're ever wondering, one spool of thread will weave 62.5"! I took it off the loom and washed it today. It was 12" in the reed, 30 epi. It ended up 11" by 80". I'm going to make a vest with it. I was planning on dyeing the lining fabric purple, I don't think it would be a problem if it's cotton, do you? It's not like it has sleeves that will have to slip over the fabric.

I'm in a fulled tropical fish exchange, so I carded up some purple and blue dyed corrie. I threw in a little Firestar too. I never used that before, but I just tried to mix it in as best I could. There's not really too much in it, but the camera flash sure picked it up! Actually it's a little pastel for tropical fish. Guess I'd better card up the hot pink and yellow tomorrow.

10 more days until I go back to school. Instead of my usual whine that I didn't get anything done this summer, I'll concentrate on what I was able to do. Maybe that will be my blog entry for tomorrow.

Posted by Charleen at August 18, 2003 05:04 PM

The silk turned out beautiful! You wove all that since Dye Day? I'm impressed. So much for not getting anything done this summer!

Posted by: claudia at August 19, 2003 08:17 AM

Sorry about the sinus attack. I have had them that severe several times. Puts me in bed for a whole week end. Finally switched to Rhinocort and allegra..... who hooo it works.

Posted by: Ruth in Houston at August 20, 2003 01:54 PM

Awesome silk weaving!!! Hope you are feeling better.

Posted by: Carolyn D. at August 21, 2003 08:24 AM